International Film Forum Week of 10/22-10/26

18 October 2018

The International Film Forum presents Lawrence of Arabia on Monday, 10/22 from 7-11 pm in the Weitz Cinema, and Get Out on Wednesday, 10/24 from 7-9pm in the Weitz Cinema.

Lawrence of Arabia, Directed by David Lean (Introduced by Carol Donelan): A 1962 historical film following the lifetime of T.F. Lawrence in the Arabian Peninsula during World War II. This film explores the making of the modern middle east, as well as themes of identity, borders, and difference.

Get Out, Directed by Jordan Peele (Introduced by Pierre Hecker): A 2017 horror drama film following an interracial couple, and their “meeting the parents” weekend. As the weekend goes on, the liberal white family’s kind exteriors reveal a more dark reality. This film explores subtleties in racism and identity today.

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