IFF Features Modern Film Artist Patrick Staff

25 April 2019

Patrick Staff is based in both L.A. and London. They use film to represent queer bodies and stories

Weed Killer is inspired by Catharine Lord’s book, The Summer of Her Baldness about how breast cancer impacted Lord’s life, relationships, and body. This book serves as a basis for exploration of bodily transformations and the personal relationship with the body. The Foundation was inspired by Patrick Staff’s personal disembodiment and experience with their own queer and trans identity. In addition, this film is inspired by the interaction between their gender and sexual identities. Both of these short films will be presented, and there will be an opportunity to discuss their significance, and unique filming techniques after.


sources: https://walkerart.org/magazine/to-survive-on-ones-own-terms-patrick-staff-on-weed-killer



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