The Carleton Players: Devised Production

10 February 2020

And just like that, we are already moving into 6th week, everyone seems super busy, and life can get hectic around campus. You know what you should do?

Come watch the Carleton Players put on the show, “That Wilderness of Glass: What Others Saw Resembles Nothing That is Ours.”

This piece is a devised production, meaning the cast and crew have collaborated to create a completely new and unique piece of theater. The show focuses on our current “necro-political” era in which death worlds of ecological disaster, and the capitalization of materials and people have a profound effect on our relationship to death.

The cast and crew started their collaborative process by exploring the works of Edgar Allen Poe to “form a more intimate engagement with death, mourning, and the humor that might shape ‘our apocalyptic moment,’” according to director Malin Palani.

Come support your friends and the Carleton theater department! They have been working hard to deliver an amazing show for you. Tickets for all shows are now available online.

Save the dates below:

  • Feb 27 – 7.30 pm in Weitz Theater.
  • Feb 29 – 7:30pm in Weitz Theater.

Here’s a sneak peek of what they’ve been up to!

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