Caroline Shaw: Violinist and Composer Hosts Three Events at Carleton

8 April 2019

Caroline Shaw is an accomplished violinist, vocalist, producer, and composer who is the youngest winner in the history of the Pulitzer prize in music. She is both a solo and collaborative performer, and she performs both her own works and classical works. In addition, she has produced for artists such as Kanye West, and has collaborated with singer-songwriters, including most recently, Sara Bareilles and Ben Folds. She has composed recently for groups such as the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and one of her piano solo works will be premiered by the Seattle Symphony this orchestral season. She is brought to Carleton through the Christopher U Light Lectureship, and she leads three events this week.


On Thursday, April 11, from 5:30-6:45pm in the Weitz Cinema, Caroline Shaw opens up a conversation with Carleton students. She has composing and producing experience in many different classical and modern arenas, so this is a great opportunity for prospective composers/producers at Carleton, or those that are generally interested in the music industry. However, no experience in Music is necessary- this event is open to all.


On Friday, April 12, from 7-9pm, Shaw performs in Kracum Hall. She performs some of her own works, including string quartets, with Carleton faculty.


On Saturday, April 13, from 11am-1pm, Shaw opens up a masterclass for Carleton student composers to present their work and hear her commentary.