“Bald Spot Museum of Art” Launches Inaugural Exhibition

31 August 2018

The Bald Spot Museum of Art, a temporary institution operating during the construction of Carleton’s Geothermal Energy system, announces its inaugural (and likely only) exhibition on the South Wall of its green-plastic covered fence, facing the Chapel.

Landscape and Labor, a gallery installation by Carleton art professor David Lefkowitz runs from September 1 through November 20 of 2018.

The installation consists of a gallery wall of ersatz ornate frames surrounding holes in the plastic fabric that will invite passers-by to view the ongoing activity happening within, the creation of the geothermal system that will eventually enable the campus to be carbon-free by 2050.

Each framed “window” is accompanied by a wall label that identifies and describes a canonical artwork about the relationship of humans to their environment. The text accompanying the implied pictures will include descriptions of images that reflect a range of attitudes to the natural world — from stewardship to recreation to exploitation.  

The panels address the connections and disparities between idealized pictures of the places we occupy and the ways we actually engage with them.

This installation also aims to acknowledge the otherwise generally ignored workers who are contributing to the energy future of the college. By “framing” the labor involved in the process, the campus community is invited to consider the value of this effort that largely goes unappreciated, and will likely be thought of as an annoyance if not an impediment, albeit temporary, to the free access and usual use of the campus commons.

Lefkowitz has said “It’s my hope that this artwork may spark a reconsideration of what will likely be treated as an unsightly eyesore in the center of campus.”

The artist wishes to thank the Carleton Office of Energy and Sustainability for their support for this project.

Information regarding programming connected to the exhibition will be forthcoming.