Ashwini Ramaswamy (’03) Brings Traditional Indian Dance to Carleton

5 November 2014

Carleton Alum, Ashwini Ramaswamy, has been dancing in an Indian dance group called Ragamala since she was merely five years old. This group has traveled all over the world and has visited performance halls in Russia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States. Ashwini is a soloist in the dance group and will be performing on Wednesday, November 12 in the Weitz Theater from 7:30-8:30pm. The performance will be a special showcase of the Bharatanatyam style, which is a classical dance form that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu in southern India.

Bharatanatyam is one of the most widely popular Indian dance forms and is known for its purity, grace, and sculpture-like poses. Lord Shiva is the Hindu god that governs Bharatanatyam, which is also known as a fire dance. The music accompanying this dance is in the Carnatic style of South India. Ashwini will be accompanied by a few musicians from the Ragamala group during her solo performance.

Choreography by Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy
Musical ensemble:
Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy, nattuvangam
Ramya Sundareshan Kapadia, vocal
Raina Swaminathan, mridangam
Anjna Swaminathan, violin