International Film Forum: Last Year at Marienbad

7 November 2022

L’année dernière àMarienbad [Last Year at Marienbad] (Alain Resnais, 1961, France/Italy, 94 min.) – French Film Festival [through the Albertine Cinémathèque]

“In a hotel in the resort town of Marienbad, the rich clientele circulates. A man is convinced he met a woman previously at the same location. A second man, possibly the woman’s husband, intimidates the first man. Their relations unfold through flashback shards that don’t quite fit into place.” (MUBI)

Supported by: Albertine Cinematheque, a program of FACE Foundation and Villa Albertine, with support from the CNC / Centre National du Cinema, and SACEM / Fonds Culturel Franco-Americain