International Film Forum: Idrissa, Chronicle of an Ordinary Death

24 October 2022

Idrissa, crònica d’una mort qualsevol [Idrissa, Chronicle of an Ordinary Death] (Xavier Artigas & Xapo Ortega, 2018, Spain, 94 min.) – Q&A with director Xavier Artigas after the screening

“By rejecting repeated requests to look into the case of Idrissa Diallo, and blocking access to his police file, the Spanish legal system has thwarted all attempts to investigate the circumstances in which a 21-year-old Guinean died at an immigrant detention centre in Barcelona. In the face of such intransigence from the Spanish State, and without a single photograph of the victim, the film crew set out to find Idrissa’s body, contact his family and discover what really happened that night in his cell. A quest for truth and redress. This is the chronicle of a death unforetold, but above all it is Idrissa Diallo’s journey home.” (L’Alternativa)