Shackel Hall is one of many music ensemble rehearsal spaces in The Weitz.


1,960 square feet


Recallable, dimmable LED lighting  


A teaching station offers control of all technology from an AMX Touch Screen panel mounted on the surface of the desk. Control functions include: 

  • HDMI video connectivity for PCs, tables, and phones
  • Document camera
  • Direct connection to the internet via WiFi or academic LAN
  • Video projection using a high quality projector with a motorized projection screen and sound system.
  • Blu-Ray disc player
  • Mac Mini that can record audio and video utilizing the rooms’ wall-mounted PTZ camera and ceiling-mounted Neumann microphones.


Window treatments, including opaque and black-out motorized shades on all windows. 


Shackel Rehearsal Hall does not have a booth. The Hall is connected to the backstage hallway of Kracum Performance Hall via a storage vestibule.  


Shackel Rehearsal Hall is located on the first floor of the Weitz Center for Creativity Music and Performance wing, M126. 


Shackel is on the main floor of the Weitz Center for Creativity and is wheelchair accessible.