Kracum Performance Hall, Carleton’s 400-seat, state-of-the-art performance venue.


  • Hall: 2,529 square feet
  • Stage: 1,923 square feet
  • Apron: 48.3′ wide
  • Stage at widest point: 58.705′ wide
  • Farthest upstage point (against acoustic wall, when towers are not deployed): 42.865′ wide
  • The Hall seats 400, including floor seating and balcony seating


  • A front of House mix position/audio porch for the mixing and lighting consoles.
  • Tunable acoustics, including adjustable acoustic cloud panels.
  • A 25,000 lumen laser projector and projection screen.
  • 2 D&B Audiotechnik sound systems: The Concert system is for light sound reinforcement features: 4 wall-mounted column speakers in the mezzanine and balcony levels, 8 point source speakers mounted at the front of the stage, and access to center cluster subwoofers. The Performance system is designed for heavy duty sound reinforcement: left and right speaker clusters as well as a center speaker cluster with dual cabinet 18″ cardioid subwoofers


  • Green room with onstage monitor, ironing board, restroom, sink, makeup mirror
  • 2 onstage monitors
  • Gender neutral restroom
  • Equipment storage space
  • Loading dock with double doors, 95.75″ height


Kracum Performance Hall is located on the first floor of the Weitz Center for Creativity, on the south side of the building. Guests access Kracum via the main doors to the Weitz Center. Restrooms are located beneath Kracum on the lower level of the Weitz, in the Mar-G Commons.


The main floor of Kracum is wheelchair accessible (via both sets of the main floor double-doors House left and right) and can accommodate seating for up to 12 wheelchairs.