Place Setting: Kracum Performance Hall

17 February 2018
Kracum Hall

The Kracum Performance Hall, named for benefactors Rich Kracum ’76 and Laurie Weiss Kracum ’76, is the centerpiece of the Weitz Center for Creativity’s new Music and Performance Commons.

  1. The fully accessible 400-seat auditorium is soundproof, so concerts won’t affect activities in surrounding rehearsal rooms.
  2. At 1,923 square feet, the stage can accommodate a choir and an orchestra simultaneously, and provides ample space for dance performances and other events.
  3. Swinging panels provide flexible entry and exit points. Monitors show what’s happening onstage.
  4. Backstage panels open to a hallway that leads to a greenroom and piano and equipment storage rooms.
  5. Adjustable acoustic cloud panels allow musicians to shape the hall’s aural interplay to suit their performance style and instrumentation.
  6. A built-in recording studio allows students to capture and mix live performances.
  7. Stage lights hang from catwalks for easy access and reconfiguration.
  8. LED houselights can be set to a variety of colors to alter the mood for a performance.