Places to Publicize Your Event:

  • The Campus Calendar. Add the event to any campus website that has an events listing. See the Campus Calendar guidelines for more info.
  • Campus Email Announcements. Read the rules on the CSA website and submit your announcement to the All-Campus Email system if you’d like to spread the word about your event/exhibition to the entire campus. 
  • The Carleton Weekly. Submit to the Weekly, an online newsletter that is distributed to all Carleton faculty and staff every Monday morning during the academic year. The deadline for submissions is the Wednesday preceding distribution.
  • Social Media. Share information about your exhibition on your favorite social media outlets.

Make a Poster:

Posters can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like, and can be created in a variety of formats. If you are comfortable with Microsoft Word, feel free to use it! Adobe InDesign is another great program for poster making. Posters can be printed on a normal printer, screen printed, hand drawn…the possibilities are endless, really.

Once the poster is made, print off several copies and distribute the posters on bulletin boards around campus (hot spots include Sayles, the dining halls, the Library bulletin boards outside the 3rd floor bathrooms, etc.). Also bring some posters downtown. Where and when do you stop to read posters? Think of those places and make sure to hang a poster in those spots.

Be sure to get your poster onto the digital signage screens around campus. 

Regardless of how you design your poster, remember to include these vital things:

  • The title of your event/exhibition.
  • The location of your event/exhibition.
  • The date of your event or exhibition (and the closing date for the exhibition).
  • The time of your event or exhibition opening (and the opening hours of the White Space).
  • A brief description of your event or exhibition opening, to clarify the nature of the event.
  • An image to entice the reader to come to your event/exhibition. 
  • Remember to acknowledge any sponsors and cite the source of any images used in the poster.