Step 1: Brainstorming

“I want to do an exhibition, but where do I start?”

  1. Start with an idea.
  2. Look into exhibition spaces on campus:
  3. Fill out an Exhibition Proposal Form.
  4. Map out your budget.
  5. Start drafting a list of objects/images you’d like to include in your exhibition. This list of image resources might help.
  6. If you are working on a curricular exhibition, consider Susan Jaret McKinstry’s five points.

Step 2: Collecting and Writing

“I have an idea and booked a space…What should I do next?”

  1. Start with the basics: create an exhibition checklist.
  2. Does your exhibition incorporate media/technology? If so, have a conversation with an Academic Technologist.
  3. Ready to start writing text? See our label guidelines and resources.

Step 3: Producing and Installing the Exhibition

“My checklist is ready and I’ve written my labels…what do I do now?”

  1. Plan an opening. It is fun and rewarding to hold an opening reception for your exhibition. If possible, incorporate a budget for snacks. For example, budget $40 for a modest array of cookies and juice at a small event.
  2. Print and mount your materials for installation, if desired.
  3. Plan the layout of your exhibition. Sketch out your exhibition design on paper, or get fancy and use a 3D design program.
  4. Install the exhibition. See this guide to hanging shows in the Weitz Center White Spaces.
  5. Publicize your exhibition!