Step 1: Brainstorming

“I want to do an exhibition, but where do I start?”

  1. Start with an idea.
  2. Look into exhibition spaces on campus:
  3. Fill out an Exhibition Proposal Form.
  4. Map out your budget.
  5. Start drafting a list of objects/images you’d like to include in your exhibition. This list of image resources might help.
  6. If you are working on a curricular exhibition, consider Susan Jaret McKinstry’s five points.

Step 2: Collecting and Writing

“I have an idea and booked a space…What should I do next?”

  1. Start with the basics: create an exhibition checklist.
  2. Does your exhibition incorporate media/technology? If so, have a conversation with an Academic Technologist or with someone in the IdeaLab!
  3. Ready to start writing text? Click here for label guidelines and resources.

Step 3: Producing and Installing the Exhibition

“My checklist is ready and I’ve written my labels…what do I do now?”

  1. Plan an opening. It is fun and rewarding to hold an opening reception for your exhibition. If possible, incorporate a budget for snacks. For example, budget $40 for a modest array of cookies and juice at a small event.
  2. Print and mount your materials for installation, if desired.
  3. Plan the layout of your exhibition: use a pen and paper to sketch out your exhibition design, or get fancy and try a 3D design program.
  4. Installing on your own? Here’s a quick guide.
  5. Publicize your exhibition!