The Open Window, Collioure, by Henri Matisse. The artist would be proud!
The Open Window, Collioure, by Henri Matisse. The artist would be proud!

The Carleton Visual Resources Collection provides support for the study of Art and Art History including departmental digital image collections, instruction for scanning images, using subscription image databases and creating presentations.

Digital Resources

The department’s digital resources include:

Users can access other research materials and images through the library‚Äôs database page, Carleton Digital Collections webpage or access the library’s research guide.

Equipment and Services

There is a large format scanner and two computers with the Adobe suite available for use by students enrolled in studio art and art history classes and by majors during operating hours. 35mm slides can also be scanned. The conference room space may be used for small group meetings by appointment. Photography of student artwork in a dedicated studio space is available by appointment with the curator or with the educational assistants.


Visit the mural photo gallery of Matisse’s Open Window, Collioure, created by Emma Bentley and Kristina Eldrenkamp in the slide libe in 2010.


The Visual Resources Collection is staffed by a full-time curator and student assistants who work closely with faculty preparing curricular materials, doing research and related projects, including publishing the Journal of Historians of Netherlandish Art a leading open access, academic journal. Student assistants prepare articles for publication on the web and interact with art historians from around the world. 

Location and Hours

Boliou Hall 146
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm or by special arrangement 


Heidi Eyestone