Ross Elfline Publishes Two Essays

16 June 2022

This month associate professor of art history Ross Elfline has two essays coming out in separate edited volumes, each devoted to the field of architecture’s relationship to other disciplines. One essay, focused on the designed objects of the Austrian Radical Architecture group Haus-Rucker-Co., and titled “The Relational Object: Haus-Rucker-Co.’s Designs for Re-Shaping the Environment,” appears in Building/Object: Shared and Contested Territories of Design and Architecture (Bloomsbury Press). The second essay centers on the architectural implications of two works by twentieth-century composers La Monte Young and Alvin Lucier. The essay is titled “Resonant Rooms as Tuning Forks: Architectural Implications of Sound Art,” and appears in the Leuven University Press volume The Sound of Architecture: Acoustic Atmospheres in Place.