Jackie Oman’s Botanical Watercolors in Gould Library

21 April 2011

We recently installed a beautiful little exhibition of botanical  
watercolors by Jacque Oman ’11 in spot you might not frequent: on the  
2nd floor of the library. These drawings are worth the trek: Jacque  
has a wonderful sense of color and design, and her studies of iris and  
orchids are a treat. About the drawings, she wrote, “I spent hours  
layering color upon color for each painting. Though this initially  
challenged my patience, the process quickly became meditative as I  
immersed myself in the artistic complexity of each form. Nature can do  
that to a person, even in the dead of winter.”

Jacque’s watercolors are on the second floor of the libe, on the green  
wall opposite the 2nd floor offices.