Carleton Scholars Program

9 July 2008

A new networking initiative, the Carleton Scholars Program, is geared toward providing opportunities for studetns to learn about careers in business, technology, social service, environmental action, public policy and other sectors. More than 80 students have taken part in the program which makes use of Carleton’s varied parent and alumni network, using already-established connections to get students in the door.

In 2006, the first Business Scholars program took 12 students to New York City for four days over winter break to network with professionals at JP Morgan, Citigroup, Piper Jaffrey and other companies. “The students gained greater confidence in their ability to network and to succeed in whatever field they choose,” says Kim Conroy, a Carleton parent who helped start the program. All of the students landed a job in finance that summer. The business program was repeated in 2007 and has been followed by a technology program in the Silicone Valley, an environmental program in Colorado and trips focused on public policy in Washington, D.C. and on social action in the Twin Cities.

Two additional programs — one centered on the art and one on alternative energy — are in the works.

English major Rob Thomas, who will soon start a job with Google, said, “I’ve already used the advice they gave and the network they offered…These programs are very educational. I learned that there is a place for me in the technology sector even though I don’t have athe strongest technical background.” He met with alumni and parents at corporate giants Hewlett-Packard, Apple and eBay during the Technology Scholars program.