Ryan Arthurs graduated from Carleton in 2005 with a degree in Studio Art. After graduating he moved to Sun Valley, ID to work for the Gail Severn Gallery. After 2 1/2 years of gallery experience and mountain life, Ryan moved to San Francisco in search of a larger and more diverse arts community. He assisted for a number of artists and photographers including, Deborah Oropallo, Olivier Laude and Carleton alumni, Christina Seely. In addition he worked for Gallery 16 & Urban Digital Color before eventually becoming the registrar for the Robert Koch Gallery. While working at the Koch Gallery he managed an extensive vintage and contemporary photography collection, oversaw exhibitions and art fairs, including AIPAD, Armory, and Art Chicago.

In 2012, Ryan graduated from MassArt in Boston, MA receiving his master’s degree in photography. He recently published his first photo book, The Height of Land, work he created while crossing Labrador, Canada via canoe. Recent exhibitions include a solo show at Aviary Gallery in Boston and I-95 Triennial at UMaine Museum. 

Ryan currently works for aerial photographer Alex MacLean part-time, while pursuing lectures, grants and residencies. He and three friends run Houseboat Press, publishing books for  young and emerging photographers.