I am now an Associate Professor in the Art Department of Luther College, in Decorah Iowa, USA, where I teach new media art, computer art, design, and a survey of art history. My research work addresses the historic, philosophical and theoretical roles of the artist with respect to science and technology.

Currently my studio work is installation and time based oriented. Fusing robotics, mathematics, logic, semiotics, computer science and information visualization, I am hoping to redefine the milieus of the artists practice.

As a scholar I have published in a number of scholarly journals, among them: Leonardo Journal of Arts and Sciences of the MIT press; Imaging and Image Processing; and ToutFait: The Journal of Marcel Duchamp Studies. My art has been exhibited a number of places, including The Ninth New York Digital Salon, as well as at the IV2001 DART Digital Art Exhibition in the University of London’s Brunei Gallery. My most recent paper, “Mathematics Science and Memory: Florentine Painting and the origins of the experimental model during the Italian Renaissance,” was presented at the 2nd International Conference of the European Society for the History of Science in Cracow, Poland in 2006.

The folks in the Carleton department of Art & Art History have remained, at many junctures over the past 18 years, supportive of my career. All of my work, in the class room, the studio and the library has been significantly influenced by the Carleton experience. I learned at Carleton that the making of art could be informed by multiple disciplines and diverse experiences. I carry the learning experiences of Boliou Hall with me daily and, hopefully, impart to my students some of its lessons.