I currently live in Manhattan and work as a freelance photographer. This is the best job in the world because I photograph the art object: paintings, sculptures, and entire installations. It is an exacting practice. I am responsible for representational accuracy. Creativity is the enemy. I strictly solve problems of a perceptual nature. I am also very savvy at photoshop. Very savvy.

It is wonderful to stand in front of a John Singer Sargent that you have just washed in the most perfectly even and clear light man can create. It’s gratifying to bounce the DP just right onto the iliad crest of a Gandharan Bodhisattva. I have learned to take a pretty good picture thanks to my Carleton Professor and New York bosses. I’ve had the privilege to work with many influential artists, alive and dead. The most personally significant, by far and away, has been Jeff Koons. I remember my Dad walking me out of his Made in Heaven exhibit at the Walker when I was too green to see that sort of thing.

Inspiring art and artists here to be sure, but I have my own purposes to think of: photographing silo interiors is the most recent project. It’s a reverent act and a reverent metaphor. This is one of the series, it’s called The Last Silo. I’m doing dental office ceilings next, I think they will resonate.

Miss Minnesota, miss Carleton College, everyone enroll and hope you get in.