Since graduating from Carleton, we both went to Tulane Medical School. I (Alison) went on to do residency in Anesthesiology at UCSF and Dave to do Otolaryngology (ENT) at Kaiser Permanante in Oakland, CA. We moved out to Watch Hill, RI in July 2006, to be closer to my family in CT and “settle down”. We are both working at the Westerly Hospital, our local hospital about 4 miles from our house. Dave’s practice is very busy — and I help staff the OR’s for surgery cases. We are both working full time, but I am due for baby #2 in May, and will be part time after that.

We haven’t been doing much in the art department, but have been doing lots of other creative projects. We’ve become avid gardeners and whole home renovators! I still make some jewelry, but its hard to have any free time with a toddler. We have been collecting art ever since we left Carleton, and have quite a few great pieces from San Francisco, New Orleans, and now Rhode Island.

We’ve managed to keep in touch with quite a few Carls — mostly Dave’s buddies, who have been slowly but surely getting married, so we have mini reunions every year.