Upon completing her Studio Art degree, Alexis worked as the teaching assistant for the Carleton Studio Arts Abroad program in the Cook Islands, New Zealand, and Australia, and as an architectural intern for Julie Snow Architects, Inc. in Minneapolis. In 2002 she began the Masters of Architecture program at UC Berkeley, where she had the opportunity to work with many talented designers. She traveled to Greece to study urban mapping techniques, got involved in digital fabrication, rendering, and modeling, and became particularly interested in the capacity for built space, coupled with technology, to foster innovative social interaction and performance. Alexis also taught drawing and design to both undergraduate and high school students while at Berkeley.

During her second year in graduate school, Alexis took a brief leave of absence from the program to live in New York City. While there she attended classes at Columbia University and worked as a graphic designer. In the final semester of graduate school, Alexis showed her drawing work at UC Berkeley and completed a juried thesis review. Upon graduation she was awarded the AIA Henry Adams Medal and Certificate of merit in recognition of scholastic achievement, character, leadership and promise of high professional ability.

Throughout the following summer, Alexis spent time traveling in Mexico and the Northeastern United States. She then settled down in the Bay Area to work at Ogrydziak/Prillinger Architects, a small boutique firm in San Francisco. Recently, she began a new job with a larger firm, Naylor and Chu Architects, Inc., in the same area doing multi-family residential work and graphic design. She continues to make commissioned artwork and hopes to show her drawings again in the near future. She now lives in Oakland with her boyfriend, Josh Zabel, and his home-made laser cutter.