I’ve spent my entire post-Carleton life in the business world, which is truly where I always saw myself.  Thanks to the Career Center, I went directly from Carleton to Cargill, the Minneapolis-based agribusiness giant.  For 5 years, I traded commodities, and learned a lot about the US food business.  Sensing greener pastures (pun intended), I went to Northwestern’s business school and have spent the last nearly 20 years working for McKinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. 

I worked for many years as a strategy consultant, traveling from St. Louis to Santiago, advising food industry clients.  About 10 years ago, I made a big move into McKinsey’s recruiting department, where I now design, validate, and refine McKinsey’s recruiting process.  My objective is to make the selection process both rigorous and engaging.  It’s proven to be a fascinating job at a place that receives well over 200,000 applications for just 2,000 positions annually. 

I have loved keeping tabs on all my classmates who have built careers in the arts (with interest and some envy).  Thank you Patt for connecting us each year!  My contributions to the art world are limited to painting badges with my daughters’ Girl Scout troops, loyal attendance at the Joslyn Art Museum, and, of course, sly art references in all of McKinsey’s interviewing materials.