Directors: Professor Alex Knodell

Archaeology is an interdisciplinary study of material artifacts in their cultural and environmental context. Students analyze and interpret material remains and archaeological interpretations.

Can I major in it?minor is offered in this field.

Topics explored: Material culture, prehistory and history, anthropology, art, geology and the environment, especially in the ancient Mediterranean world and Americas.

How to get started: Several introductory-level archaeology courses are offered in the Classics department (CLAS 122, 123, 124 – Prehistoric, Greek, and Roman Archaeology, respectively) and Archaeology Program (ARCN 111: Archaeology of the Americas). Interested first-year students may also take ARCN 246: Archaeological Methods.

SOAN 110: Introduction to Anthropology is also a required course that is ideal for first-year students, and an introductory Geology course would also be appropriate: GEOL 100: Geology in the Field, GEOL 110: Introduction to Geology, GEOL 115: Climate Change in Geology, GEOL 120: Introduction to Environmental Geology (students may take only one 100-level geology course so these all count as intro).

Students interested in the archaeology minor should consult with faculty early in the sophomore year at the latest to devise a plan to meet the requirements of the program.