Co-Directors: Professor Mary Savina and Assistant Professor Alex Knodell

Archaeology is an interdisciplinary study of material artifacts in their cultural and environmental context. Students analyze and interpret material remains and archaeological interpretations.

Can I major in it?minor is offered in this field.

Topics explored: Geology, anthropology, culture, and environment, especially in the ancient Mediterranean world.

How to get started: SOAN 110: Introduction to Anthropology and GEOL 110: Introduction to Geology or GEOL 120: Introduction to Environmental Geology are courses required for the minor that are appropriate for first-year students.

Additional options are archaeology courses in the Classics department (CLAS 122, 123, 124 – Prehistoric, Greek, and Roman Archaeology, respectively), GEOL 100: Geology in the Field or GEOL 115: Climate Change in Geology. (Students may take only one 100-level geology course so these also count as intro.)

Students interested in the archaeology minor should consult with a director early in the sophomore year at the latest to devise a plan to meet the requirements of the program.