Patti Haskins is one of the Arboretum’s many reliable and vital regular volunteers.

This is what Patti has to say about the Arb:

Why is it important for you to work in the Arb?

“I work in the Arb helping remove invasive species and replanting native ones because I want to give something back to the Arb for the peace and pleasure I have had there. Besides, the work days are fun.”

What is your favorite place in the Arb?

“In the spring: the trail in the upper Arb along Hall Avenue, across from the cemetery where I can frequently see bluebirds using the bird houses. In the winter: skiing down the many hills in the Arb.”

Do you ever use the Arb for recreation?

“Since my husband came to Carleton 37 years ago, I have been using the Arb for walking or skiing 3 to 5 times a week. The Arb is also a place of spiritual renewal.”

What has been one of your best experiences in the Arb?

“Years ago my husband and I skied at night around the loops in the upper Arb as the moon went through a total eclipse and back. It was stunningly beautiful, cold, quiet, and peaceful; a magical experience.”