Spring 2009 Field Drawing Class

These podcasts were developed by our Cole Student Naturalists. They serve to introduce a few important aspects of Carleton’s Arboretum in a nuanced way! The prairie podcast provides an introduction to the prairie system, including different controls on the system and native plants. The water podcast introduces the geologic history of Minnesota, and emphasizes the basic geologic processes that have contributed to the landscape we see today. Additionally, the geology history introduces the local hydrology and geomorphology of Northfield and the Arboretum. The third podcast of Floodplain forests goes over the ecology of floodplains and the sociological affects of flooding.

This is our first time running a podcast from this site. These files are available as an m4a, which is supported by iTunes, GooglePlay Music, and many podcast apps. Please let us know if you encounter any challenges when trying to access this media.