This growing digital collection comprises a variety of historical and contemporary materials relating to the Cowling Arboretum. Included in these documents is history of the creation and maintenance of the Arb, land management and restoration activities, student projects and staff and faculty proposals and research. The types of material in this collection are photographs, maps, proposals, reports, unpublished articles, miscellaneous letters and other documents. These resources are intended to provide students and faculty with background information on the Arboretum and suggest areas of follow up or future study. Explore the Arboretum Archives!

A few examples of the documents in this collection are displayed here. Papers and pamphlets created by students are heavily featured, such as the Nature Trail Bulletin and the Arb Planning Seminar Final Report. There are also various photographs detailing student field trips, restoration projects, or time-lapse changes in the Arboretum since its creation in 1927.

Citations of these materials should specify “unpublished material from Arboretum archives.” If you have any questions regarding the materials, contact Nancy Braker, Arboretum Director, 507-222-4543.