Arb Clearing Project to Start; Temporary Trail Closures Imminent!

7 January 2013

Fall Leaves
Starting sometime in the next week expect to see changes to the Lower Arboretum as our forestry contractor gets underway with our tree and shrub clearing project.  As mentioned in our earlier post, this is part of our overall forest restoration work.  We will be removing dead and dying pines and various non-native trees (various pine species, Siberian elm, buckthorn and honeysuckle) in preparation for replanting with a variety of native trees. 

There will be several temporary trail closures so please watch for posted signs.  Large equipment will be working in the area and the trail closures are for your protection. Several of the trail closures will only be for a short duration while the equipment is on site, but one closure will be in place for one year or more while grass is re-established to create a better trail surface.  Check the newly posted maps for this closure and distance information for the re-configured “long loop” that now parallels Canada Avenue.

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