Dutchman’s Breeches, Dicentra cucullaria

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False Rue Anemone
False Rue Anemone
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White Trout Lily
The white trout lily. Photo by Will Loner.
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Dutchman's Breeches

( Dicentra cucullaria ) Bloom Time: Spring (April – May) Location: prefers shade and moist woods, particularly along slopes or streams. Grows throughout most of Minnesota (save the northwest), and is more likely to grow in areas that have never been ploughed (general). Could potentially be found in any of the forest areas of the Arb not dominated by buckthorn. More commonly come across in Best Woods or the slopes across from Bell Field (Arb). Family: Fumitory (Fumariaceae) Physical Description: white flowers that are less than an inch long, and have two protruding spurs providing its signature arrowhead, or “breeches”, appearance. There are two pale yellow lobes at the base of the flower. Usually 10-14 flowers per stalk. Two basal leaves, composed of three leaflets, all grey-green in color. Pollination often occurs under the care of ants, who carry away fleshy, seed-containing bodies called eliasomes to their nests. The nutrient litter of the ant nest helps the seeds to germinate.


Will Loner
20 April 2017