A number of species of mussels can be found in the Cannon River near Carleton College. Information from both a 1988 survey done by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and a student survey performed in 1997 has been compiled below to give an idea of the current, past, and future situation of mussels in the Cannon.

Mussels and Their Habitat

The 1997 Student Survey

Looking Forward

Mussels of the Cannon River near Carleton College

* indicates species was found in a 1997 student survey of the Cannon near Carleton

Black Sandshell* – Ligumia recta

Creek Heelsplitter – Lasmigona compressa

Cylinder – Anodontoides ferussacianus

Ellipse – Venustaconcha ellipsiformis

Fatmucket* – Lampsilis siliquoidea

Floater – Venustaconcha ellipsiformis

Fluted Shell – Lasmigona costata

Fragile Papershell – Leptodea fragilis

Mucket – Actinonaias ligamentina

Pink Heelsplitter* – Potamilus alatus (Proptera alata)

Pocketbook* – Lampsilis cardium (Lampsilis ovata ventricosa)

Round Pigtoe – Pleurobema coccineum

Spike – Elliptio dilatata

Strange Floater – Strophitus undulatus

White Heelsplitter* – Lasmigona complanata