Deer – Eutheria: Artiodactyla

Carnivores – Eutheria: Carnivora

Bats – Eutheria: Chiroptera

Insectivores – Eutheria: Insectivora

Rabbits – Eutheria: Lagomorpha

Rodents – Eutheria: Rodentia

Marsupials – Marsupialia

Information compiled from field observations by John Hassett `99 and retired Arboretum Manager Myles Bakke.

Question mark (?) indicates an unverified/uncertain sighting or identification. Some of these uncertain records may be decades old and are considered quite unreliable.

Scientific names are as indicated in Hazard, 1982.

Eutheria: Artiodactyla

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  1. Odocoileus virginianus: White-tailed Deer

Eutheria: Carnivora

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  1. Canis latrans: Coyote
  2. Lontra canadensis: River Otter
  3. Mephitis mephitis: Striped Skunk
  4. Mustela erminea: Short-tailed Weasel
  5. Mustela frenata: Long-tailed Weasel
  6. Mustela vison: Mink
  7. Procyon lotor: Raccoon
  8. Taxidea taxus: American Badger
  9. Urocyon cinereoargenteus: Gray Fox
  10. Vulpes vulpes: Red Fox

Eutheria: Chiroptera

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  1. Eptesicus fuscus: Big Brown Bat
  2. Lasionycteris noctivagens: Silver-Haired Bat
  3. Lasiurus borealis: Red Bat
  4. Lasiurus cinerus: Hoary Bat
  5. Myotis lucifugus: Little Brown Bat

Eutheria: Insectivora

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  1. Blarina brevicauda: Short-tailed Shrew
  2. Scalopus aquaticus: Eastern Mole
  3. Sorex cinereus: Masked Shrew

Eutheria: Lagomorpha

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  1. ?Lepus townsendii: Whitetail Jackrabbit
  2. Sylvilagus floridanus: Eastern Cottontail

Eutheria: Rodentia

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  1. Castor canadensis: Beaver
  2. Clethrionomys gapperi: Southern Red-backed Vole
  3. Geomys bursarius: Plains Pocket Gopher
  4. Marmota monax: Woodchuck (Groundhog)
  5. Microtus ochrogaster: Prairie Vole
  6. Microtus pennsylvanicus: Meadow Vole
  7. Mus musculus: House Mouse
  8. ?Napaeozapus insignis: Woodland Jumping Mouse
  9. Ondatra zibethicus: Muskrat
  10. Peromyscus leucopus: White-footed Mouse
  11. Peromyscus maniculatus bairdii: Prairie Deer Mouse
  12. Rattus norvegicus: Norway Rat
  13. Sciurus carolinensis: Gray Squirrel
  14. Sciurus niger: Fox Squirrel
  15. Spermophilus tridecemlineatus: Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel
  16. Tamiasciurus hudsonicus: Red Squirrel
  17. Tamias striatus: Eastern Chipmunk
  18. Zapus hudsonicus: Meadow Jumping Mouse


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  1. Didelphis virginiana: Virginia Opossum


Hazard, Evan B. 1982. The Mammals of Minnesota. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

List Compiled September 1998, by John E. Hassett; updated with River Otter sighting 1/2020 by Nancy Braker