Welcome to the Arabic program at Carleton! Students in the Arabic program study language at all levels, and a variety of courses on Arabic literature, music and culture, taught both in English and in Arabic.

Beyond the language sequence, we offer advanced Arabic courses, such as Arabic in Cultural Context, Arabic Media, Colloquial Arabic, and Reading in the Thousand & One Nights. We also teach courses in Arabic literature and culture, such as Arabs Encountering the West, Music in the Middle East, and The Creation of Classical Arabic Literature. 

In addition to our curricular offerings, the Arabic program organizes cultural events, including Arabic evenings, film screenings, language tables, and occasional field trips.

Can I major in it?  Currently, no major is offered. Students can fulfill the general language requirement by taking Arabic, and may go on to earn a Minor in Arabic Language and Literature.

Can I minor in it?  Yes!

Minor in Middle Eastern Studies
In addition to the Minor in Arabic, Carleton also offers a Minor in Middle East Studies. The completion of the language sequence in Arabic or in Hebrew is a prerequisite for the minor in Middle East Studies.

How to get started: For students beginning study of Arabic, begin by enrolling in Arabic 101 fall term (please notice that Arabic 101 is offered in two different time slots. You can enroll in either 101.01 or 101.02). You are welcome to enroll in and consider selecting one of the A&I seminars related to topics in Arab and Middle Eastern studies.

Placement test: 
If you have previously studied Arabic, and would like to be placed into an Arabic course beyond 101, or be exempt from the language requirement, you will need to complete a placement test. For more information please contact Prof. Yaron Klein.

Questions? Feel free to contact Prof. Yaron Klein.

More Questions? Watch some of our students talk about studying Arabic at Carleton