“Carleton needs a common language and a shared understanding across the whole community of how racism is manifested and the importance of race as a component of every person’s identity. This first phase of the antiracism initiative will engage everyone at Carleton in a guided conversation around issues of race and racism. The intent is to ‘normalize’ race talk by making it an expected theme that will inform everyday meetings, teaching and planning across the community — not something that only arises when hate speech or some other event clearly diminishes Carleton BIPOC community members.”

— Brookfield and French

Carleton aspires to be a truly supportive and inclusive learning and work environment for every student, faculty, and staff member.  To help us achieve this goal, each of us, as members of the Carleton community, must be open to learning about what it means to be an antiracist community. 

Carleton College’s senior administrative leadership has mandated antiracism training for all faculty, staff, the Board of Trustees, and key alumni volunteer leaders at the advocacy of the student activist group The Ujamaa Collective. This training and dialogue will highlight the important role each of us can play in advancing toward a more inclusive environment. 

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