Photo of Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson ’96 Bio
Director of Alumni Relations
Phone: 507 222 4206

Michael provides strategic guidance of the Office of Alumni Relations and specifically guides the Alumni Adventures travel program, serves as the Secretary/Treasurer of the Alumni Council of the Alumni Association, works with the 25th Reunion program and oversees the Alumni Relations Office staff.


Photo of Christopher Brunelle
Christopher Brunelle ’89 Bio
Alumni Relations Associate Director
Phone: 507 222 5690

Chris works with the 40th, 45th, and 50th Reunion program committees and coordinates newsletters for the post-50th classes.  In addition to serving as the staff liaison for Carleton’s ‘C’ Club, he also directs the Carleton Connects program and oversees Alumni Network web site management and content.

Photo of Shalin Carranza
Shalin Carranza ’20 Bio
Alumni Engagement Officer
Photo of Kate Flory
Kate Flory Bio
Program Director for Post 50th Reunion Philanthropy and Engagement
Phone: 507 222 4903

Kate works with the Classes of 1969 and older; 55th, 60th, 65th Reunions

Photo of Amy Gragg
Amy Gragg Bio
Alumni Relations Project Specialist
Office: Bird House 107
Phone: 507 222 5842

Amy provides project coordination and administrative support for Alumni Relations. She serves as office manager at Bird House, Carleton’s Alumni Relations welcome center on campus. Amy coordinates event communications for Carleton’s clubs program, assists with Reunion registration and other Reunion projects, and coordinates other major alumni events and communications.

Photo of Krista Herbstrith
Krista Herbstrith Bio
Alumni Relations Associate Director
Phone: 507 222 4554

As part of Carleton’s Alumni Relations team, Krista works with the 20th, 30th, and 35th Reunion program committees and serves as the staff liaison for the Out After Carleton (OAC), and the Multicultural Alumni Network (MCAN). She also works with alums near and far as part of the Regional Carls program. If you would like to volunteer in your area or have an idea for a regional Carl event, contact Krista.

Photo of Zoe Ingersoll
Zoe Ingersoll
Alumni Relations Program Coordinator
Photo of Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson Bio
Program Director for Young Alumni Philanthropy and Engagement
Phone: 507 430 1596

Corey serves as the Program Director for Young Alumni Philanthropy & Engagement with the Alumni Annual Fund and Alumni Relations teams. In this role, she oversees a comprehensive engagement and giving program that balances the evolving needs of Carleton and our youngest alumni population.  Corey works with alumni leaders in the 1st – 6th years post-graduation, the 10th and 15th Reunion program committees, the Young Alumni Task Force, and young alumni members serving on the Alumni Annual Fund Board.

Photo of Sophie Vlahoulis
Sophie Vlahoulis
Temporary Administrative Assistant