Founded by Carolyn Dry ’64, Designing with Natural Processes aims to invent a sustainable world in which we build with nature and our entrepreneurial goals align with those of the natural world.

Carolyn will discuss many of DNP’s projects and their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge research to address real-world problems and create innovative solutions for the environment.

Dr. Carolyn Minnetta Dry ’64 (philosophy) is a pioneering figure in the fields of architecture and materials research. After being the only woman in her graduating class at UMN for architecture, she went on to become a registered architect and university professor, integrating seven schools of architecture as the only woman or one of two women professors. Carolyn is known for her extensive contributions to the field of materials science and engineering, with 23 patents to her name. She is best known for inventing self-repairing composites and concrete.

Carolyn’s impressive career serves as an inspiration to many, particularly women who aspire to break down gender barriers and make a difference in their respective fields.