Carleton Virtual Breakfast Club
Meg Thacher ’87
Sky Gazing: a guide to communicating
science to children and embarking on a second career

Thursday, September 9, 2021
8:00 a.m. Central Time
via Zoom

After teaching astronomy at Smith College for nearly 20 years, Meg Thacher ’87 veered off the well-beaten path of academia and began writing about science for children’s magazines. Her recent book, Sky Gazing: a guide to the Moon, Sun, planets, stars, eclipses, and constellations, was published by Storey Publishing in October, 2020.

In this talk, Meg will take you through her journey from laboratory instructor to author, with practical advice for anyone who wants to communicate complex topics to children, whether in person or through writing.The talk will also contain plenty of sky gazing tips, such as how to observe the sky with kids, the best first telescope (hint: it’s a pair of binoculars), and what’s coming up in the fall sky.

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