Thanks to everyone who participated in Nationwide Trivia this year! We had an excellent turnout from 15 of our clubs across the country, and the competition was neck and neck for the final few games. Below are the results for both Division I (more than 2 teams per club) and Division III (1 or 2 teams per club) as far as placing and final scores.

It’s our belief that everyone at Carleton is a winner, so congrats to everyone and we’ll hope to see you again for trivia next year!

Division I

1st Place: Chicago – 58,700

2nd Place: Bay Area – 56,452

3rd Place: Twin Cities – 54,693

4th Place: Michigan – 52,398

5th Place: Washington D.C. – 50,415

Division III

1st Place: Colorado – 54,535

2nd Place: Portland – 53,854

3rd Place: Cannon Valley – 53,249

4th Place: North Carolina – 52,762

5th Place: Los Angeles – 47,680

6th Place: Milwaukee – 46,766

7th Place: Vermont/New Hampshire – 46,259

8th Place: Philadelphia – 45,163

9th Place: Las Vegas – 33,791

10th Place: Boston – 27,443

For game-by-game scoring, check out the official spreadsheet.