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Thank you to everyone who joined us for the 23rd Annual Nationwide Trivia.  A special  thank you to Noah Tarnow ’97 and the staff from The Big Quiz Thing for hosting and keeping Carleton’s alumni trivia tradition going strong!

Congratulations to our overall winners: Team 1 Team 10 Team 8: the Ocho: Overlordz of Destruction

  • Patrick Hope ’07 – Captain
  • Emily Kawaler ’10
  • John Kracum ’07
  • Max Parrish ’07
  • Cliff Swanberg ’07

Thanks to all 87 teams with over 300 Carls, ranging from the class of 1964 to 2023 (as well as some parents of Carls and friends of Carls) for participating!

And save the date for next year, Saturday, February 10, 2024 starting at 3 pm Central Time.

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