What is the Regional Carls program?

Carls in your area is a geographically defined group of Carleton alumni, current students, parents, and friends of the College. Areas range in size from thousands of people in major metropolitan areas like the Twin Cities, New York, or Chicago to a few hundred people spread throughout broader areas like New Mexico or Michigan.

What is the purpose of the Regional Carls program?

Regional Carls exist to connect alumni, parents, and friends with each other and with the College. The Regional Carls program provides social and educational programs, a forum for renewing old acquaintances and meeting new Carleton people, and opportunities for bringing news about Carleton to those who may not have visited the campus recently.

There are a number of volunteer groups that support the work of the College which may at times look to collaborate with Regional Carls to plan events:

Volunteering with Regional Carls

If you want to volunteer to host an event in your region, see our Resources for Volunteers.