Jo Young

Jo Young ’96

Minneapolis, MN 

Jo graduated from Carleton with a degree in Women’s Studies in 1996 when it was still a ‘design your own’ major.  While at Carleton Jo did lots of work for the Carleton LGBTQ+ student organization. After college when looking for work, Jo took advantage of IT experience gained doing work study and began a career in IT. Jo has continued to work in IT for 20 plus years and is interested in things that make most people’s eyes roll back in their heads, along with juggling the roles of the sandwich generation with a parent in assisted living and two kids in school.  While not rich in money, power or advanced degrees, Jo is rich in life, family and friends. 

Jackie Culotta '19

Jackie Culotta ’19

Twin Cities, MN

Hey! My name is Jackie. I graduated from Carleton in 2019 with a degree in Biology. I went on to get an M.S. from the University of Minnesota Duluth and am currently an entomology researcher in the Twin Cities. While at Carleton, I played for the women’s rugby team and worked to create inclusive spaces on campus as a Gender and Sexuality Center House Manager and Gender Discussion Group facilitator. I see OAC as an important continuation of that work to connect and support current students and alumni.

Krystal Stackhouse

Krystal Stackhouse ’09

Falls Church, VA

Krystal graduated from Carleton in 2009 with a Sociology/Anthropology degree and a concentration in Women’s and Gender Studies. At Carleton she was an active member on Campus by working in Student Activities helping clubs plan inclusive events on campus and directing the then dance company Ebony II.  After Carleton, Krystal has worked in education and workforce development for the past 12 years to bring access to high demand/high pay jobs to first generation college students. Krystal is super excited to join the Out After Carleton Board since they were a very welcoming alumni group for her when she moved to the Washington DC Metro area. She wants to continue that tradition of inclusiveness she received for more alums as they venture to new places after graduation. 

Michael Wickersheimer

Michael Wickersheimer ’92

Minneapolis, MN 

Michael was a Sociology/Anthropology major originally from Shorewood, Wisconsin who stayed several years in Minnesota before leaving to spend the next two decades in New York City. He received an AAS in Interior Design and an MA in Sustainable Interior Environments, both from SUNY—Fashion Institute of Technology, and returned to Minneapolis one month before the 2019 Out After Carleton Family Reunion. He currently works in the Healthcare studio at the architectural & engineering firm LHB.

Larnzell Martin ’72

Bowie, MD

I am Larnzell, Class of ’72.  As you can see, I do not worry about what other people think about the friends I have so long as I do not pale too badly in comparison.  Enough about my friends!  I am proud to be a member of Out After Carleton’s Board.  Although I was not out while attending Carleton, full acceptance of the queer aspect of myself while at Carleton, in the midst of so much more personal blossoming during those four years established a love for Carleton that still burns.  One of the ways of returning that love is to be willing to volunteer when opportunity, availability, and perceived ability intersect.  I certainly hope that I can provide a meaningful voice and example for Carleton’s queer community on and off campus.  In the meantime, you will find me sharing precious time with my husband, Dr. Dirk J. Reitsma, and many dear friends. (No, I am not pictured here with Dirk.)

Lucille Baker-Stahl ’23

Lucille Baker-Stahl

West Lafayette, IN

I graduated in 2023 with a Geology major and a French minor. Having found myself interested in two subjects with seemingly no overlap, I decided to leave being a “cultured” human being to the wayside and focused on geology. I am now a PhD student at the University of Houston studying sediment from glacial melt in Greenland and having no one to speak French with. At Carleton, I played goalie for the women’s club hockey team and was a co-president of the brewing club. I brought a trans* perspective to the office of residential life as an RA asking for more accessible spaces for us LGBT+ folks and am now attempting to make my own small niche at an institution that’s getting rid of DEI. In my (infinitesimal) free time, catch me walking while listening to an audiobook or reading either a novel or manga. If it’s not science-fiction or fantasy, it’s likely a trashy romance and I have near zero shame for that.

Nicolas Bell '23

Nicolas Bell ’23

Boulder, CO

Nicolas Bell is senior and a geology major with interests in a variety of topics in statistics and STEM research. He is interested in making STEM more accepting and accessible to LGBTQ+ people, and also wants to work on improving inclusivity of disabled people throughout the LGBTQ+ community. Nicolas works as a Student Wellness Advocate in Carleton’s Office of Health Promotion. While not working or studying, he enjoys spending time with his two Bernese mountain dogs (and his human family), participating in a number of clubs such as karate club, juggling club, and an a cappella group, and solving various Rubik’s cubes.

Susan Charlie

Susan Charlie ’23

Ramotswa, Botswana

Susan Charlie is a senior and economics major from Ramotswa, Botswana. She is currently an Office of International and Intercultural Life Peer Leader, and is very interested in learning anything and everything she can about mental health.  She does not have a solid idea on what she wants to do after Carleton! Her love for social interactions and creating spaces which allow people to freely express themselves is one of the reasons why she tries to take up space in social media. She is very interested in important discussions surrounding LGBTQIA+ and QTBIPOC, and hoping to facilitate such in her home country. 

Gabe Kaplan '25

Gabe Kaplan ’25

Minneapolis, MN

Gabe Kaplan (he/him) is a sophomore from Minneapolis and a prospective geology major interested in environmental law and policy. Gabe enjoys biking, hiking, and spending time with dogs.

Art Onwumere ’24

Art Onwumere ’24

Houston, TX

Art Onwumere (he/him) is a Senior GWSS major (Gender Women’s and Sexuality Studies). Art is a Posse Scholar from Houston, TX. One of the reasons why Art joined the OAC board is to be a student representative on a larger scale and to introduce the current student body to what the board has to offer in the future and post-graduation. Art is interested in peer-mentorship for the LGBTQ+ community at Carleton and beyond. They have served as a Peer leader for the GSC during their sophomore year and have sat on the board the QTBIPOC club since freshman year. Finding ways to give back and serve the community at Carleton and beyond is Art’s goal. Fun Fact: Every Christmas season Art makes handmade cards for the children in Oncology ward at Texas Children’s Hospital back in Houston.

Past Chairs of OAC

  • Matt Fikse ’87
  • Mark Lofstrom ’76
  • Lee Mauk ’63
  • Karen Peterson ’76
  • Ann Potter ’76
  • Beth Wright ’93
  • Cory Calmes ’95
  • Katy Weseman ’02, 2011-2013
  • Miles Harris ’08, 2013-2015
  • Rachel Vallens Bendit ’06, 2014-2016
  • Garrett Hoffman ’08
  • Elliot James ’04
  • Lisa Nordeen ’90