William Marsh ’73

2 August 1999
William Marsh

Class: 1973

Major: Special Major

Deceased: July 24, 1999

Deceased 07/24/1999

William (Bill) Francis Marsh, age 47, of Tokyo, Japan, formerly of Minneapolis, died July 24, 1999 in Tokyo suddenly after being struck by a motorcycle. Survived by his wife, Chieko Hoshino; and son, Eugene; parents, Robert & Millie Marsh; brothers, Bruce and Bryan Marsh and their families; aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

Born December 17, 1951, Graduate of Roosevelt High School, 1969, and Carleton College, 1973. He spent his sophomore year attending Waseda University, Tokyo. After college, he lived in Tokyo, Kyoto, Minneapolis, Baltimore, New York, finally settling in Tokyo in 1991. He worked as an interpreter, writer, editor, professor, photographer, script writer, script consultant, video journalist, actor, copywriter, webmaster, journalist, assistant director and director, He was helping to create Tokyo DisneySea at the time of his death. Clients and partners included: ABC Sports, The Beatles, Dick Cavett, Disney, Fuju Television, Juzo Itami, Japan Society of New York, Kawasaki Steel, Matsushita Electric, Mazda, NPR, NHK, Sony, Tokyo Disneyland, and Wired.

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  • 2023-02-21 16:06:09
    Rebecca "Becky" Van Ness

    I remember how Bill bravely went on the year-long (and new) Waseda University program in Japan his sophomore year. How young (and raw) we were after the tumultuous spring of 1970, our freshman year! Not surprisingly, Bill developed a lasting attachment to Japan, which played out in many creative ways after Carleton. Years later and following his tragic death, his parents shared with me how happy he had been as a resident of Japan, as husband and father. I’ll never forget a simple photo they shared of Bill with little Eugene, going on an outing in Tokyo by train, one that captured one of those “life is good” moments.

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