Tien Ho ’70

6 February 2019
Tien Ho

Class: 1970

Tien was a singular artist and, though small of stature, was instantly recognizable on campus as she strode confidently through the Minnesota winter in her miniskirt, high heeled clogs and open Afghan coat. She arrived on campus and immediately papered her Nourse double with pictures and photos from Women’s Wear Daily (“WWD” to those in the know), which she continued to subscribe to throughout freshman year. She was an invaluable member of the Carleton theater community, lending her expertise to costume design for several productions. She spent her junior year off campus in Dublin and at Trinity College where her musical interests expanded from Donovan to include the emerging talents of The Incredible String Band, Bert Jansch and Pentangle, all of whom are now classics of folk music.

Tien passed away several years ago; among those with her at the time was her Carleton college roommate.
Written by Jan Levinson ’70

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