Richard Borst ’66

18 April 2024
Richard Borst

Class: 1966

Major: Economics

Residence: Mundelein, IL

Deceased: April 17, 2024


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  • 2024-04-23 07:47:34
    Denning Smith

    I had the good fortune of knowing Rich for many years, both at Carleton and Michigan, and was very sad to hear of his death.

    Rich and I teamed up as roommates at Carleton our Junior year, and added Bob Shen as a third our Senior year. We all majored in Economics and shared traits that included attending almost all varsity sporting events, having popcorn in Rich's crusty popper many nights, enjoying a Bill's pizza on weekends, and trying to get a tan on the roof of Severance Hall in May of Senior year.

    Rich loved sports, and he and his father built a scoreboard that was hung on the wall in our dormroom and allowed him/us to post up to twelve team scores. It was used for both football and baseball, and other students would come to see scores for their teams. Rich also became the student manager of our Hockey Team at Carleton, so we got to share times together as part of a team.

    When it came time to figure out what we would do with ourselves, we all agreed that going for an MBA was a good way to lay a good framework for the future...and to stay on U.S. soil for a few more years avoiding the draft. We all got into the U. of Michigan Business Program (along with Wheaton, Cornelius and Salisbury...and Jim Rogers going to Law School), so off to Ann Arbor.

    I roomed with Rich in a four person apartment the first year, and then for the second year, Rich and I rejoined Bob Shen for our final year. Good times continued there as we enjoyed BIG TIME athletics, and were lucky enough to be in an apartment about 300 yards from the Hockey Arena, and a ten minute walk to the BIG HOUSE. Fortunately Rich lived long enough to see the Wolverines win the NCAA Title last fall.

    Rich had a wonderful business in his home town, and became a cog in that area giving support to many worthwhile causes.

    His support over the years at Carleton and Michigan were a big part of my life, and I pray for his wife and two daughters that were everything to Rich.

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