Jeffrey Dallas ’69

12 October 1989

Class: 1969

Deceased: September 25, 1989

In the Photo Essay section of the 1969 Algol, Jeffrey (“Jeff”) Dallas is pictured working on a modernistic-style sculpture in the Art Department at Boliou Hall.

I remember that during my sophomore year, Jeff lived in a single at the north end of 2nd Musser.  I recall that even then he had health problems.  He was on a special diet because of having stomach ulcers.

I remember seeing Jeff in the Carleton Tea Room during our junior year.  He was at a table near the counter, speaking with Pam Taylor, class of 1968 who, according to the Class of 1968 website, is now also deceased, along with two other persons, whose names I do not remember.

(Submitted by Andrew Korsak)

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