Jay Gelzer ’65

21 January 2013

Class: 1965

Major: Humanities

Residence: Seattle, WA

Deceased: December 29, 2012

Jay Gelzer died December 29, 2012.  This obituary appeared in the Seattle Times: 

When I die
I want my bones to smell like
spring rain
and shine like the moon.
In fact, I want that now. 

Jay died on her beloved house boat, departing as she had wished – on her own terms and cradled in the hearts and minds of those who knew and loved her. Heartfelt thanks to Drs. Kristine Rinn, Jed Gorden, and Terry Law and to Seattle’s Providence Hospice. Everlasting gratitude to Gretchen de Roche of Compassion and Choice of Washington.

Jay was an inspired and remarkable psychotherapist, an extraordinary mother, a writer, a thinker, a poet, a Pea Patch gardener, an interrupted musician, and an ardent lover of life, beauty, and the creative experience. She was a rare and exotic flower — beautiful, ferociously bright, passionate, private, sensitive, and deeply spiritual.

Although hardship and loss dogged the last third of her almost seventy years, Jay gave no quarter, steely in her determination to live life with hope, wonder, and mastery.

Sunny morning
even the scraps
beautiful in the bowl.

Jay was predeceased by her beloved son Connor and is survived by her bereft and loving family.

Here we go, slipping into the last pool of silence!

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