Jack Thurnblad ’49 P76 W48

12 February 2018

Class: 1949

Major: History

Residence: Northfield, MN

Deceased: February 12, 2018

Alumni survivors: Mr. Timothy W. Thurnblad ’76 (Child)

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  • 2018-02-15 17:03:18
    Kenneth Harvey '84

    I played for Jack during his very last years as Head Coach at Carleton, playing from 80-84.  And I had the privilege of being a Co-Captain on his last 2 teams.  My memories are too numerous to mention but there are two that I have to share. 

    First, he and his wife Jenny always treated the entire team like we were their kids.  They both simply could not have been more gracious to us, interested in us, and engaged with us.  During Carleton's long winter breaks the team would be basically the only kids on campus and we'd have breakfasts and dinners at the Thurnblad's house (I distinctly remember pancakes for dinner before games..."Gotta get those carbs").  "The Blad" was like a father to us, dispensing wisdom as easily (and as often) as Jenny flipped those flapjacks.

    The second memory was those amazing plaid sport coats!  Coach would wear reds, and greens, crisscrossing yellows, and blues like no one I've ever seen before or since.  I remember once I told Coach that I needed to find something decent to wear on one of my first dates with my new girlfriend.  He said, "You know you're probably about my size.  You want to borrow one of my jackets?"  Well that girlfriend is now my wife, so obviously I politely declined.

    I will always remember Coach fondly and although I'm not in Minnesota anymore, you can bet that I'll be there on Saturday to say good bye.

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