J. Allen Moren ’65

25 September 2012

Class: 1965

Major: Biology

Residence: PO Box

Deceased: September 10, 2012

John Allen Moren graduated from Carleton in 1965, where he received a great education, and equally as important, made lifelong friends.  After graduating, he was at a winter social gathering, where a beautiful young gal by the name of Linda Lee Tregellas claims that Allen winked at her from across the way.  When telling his side of the story, Allen claimed that he wasn’t actually winking at her, he merely had a snowflake fall into his eye.  Nonetheless, the two married in 1969 and settled in California, where they eventually had two amazing children (yes, this is one of their children writing!).  Allen continued his education at San Jose State and Pepperdine University.  While in California, he worked as a purchasing agent for Bethlehem Steel and his wife Linda flew the friendly skies as a flight attendant for Western Airlines. 

In 1979, the family moved to Gig Harbor, Washington, where Allen continued to work in purchasing for the steel industry, and Linda for the airlines.  Allen was an incredible father and husband.  He never missed his kids’ soccer games and was always supportive of his children, trusting (and hoping) that they would make wise decisions.  He loved his family and friends more than anything else, and was always willing to lend a hand.  He was known for his big smile, sparkling blue eyes and his love for helping others.  In 2002, Allen and Linda retired to a small private island in the south Puget Sound, where they were, and Linda still is, an integral part of the island community.  He loved driving around the island on his John Deere Gator, with his signature straw hat, tools of all kinds, and often a cold Corona.  He grinned from ear-to-ear as he waved to his island friends and strangers alike.

Allen was very fond of Carleton College and cherished the memories and friendships that were made during his time in Northfield.  He loved attending the class reunions and will be at his 50th reunion in spirit.  On September 10, 2012, Allen passed away after one heck of a fight with cancer.  His dear friends and former Carleton classmates made numerous trips to visit him during his illness, and represented with style at his Celebration for Life.  He is truly missed. 

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  • 2015-02-18 09:10:50
    Tom Hinds

    I was Al's Freshman roommate on 2nd Musser. Al was the sweetest person I had ever meet, and I distrusted him immediately. My family doesn't do "sweet". We had a very good relationship. He was warm and funny, and years later at our 45 reunion he charmed my wife. He was still real, he was still genuine, he was still sweet.

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