Edward Giegler ’69

14 October 1992

Class: 1969

Major: Mathematics

Deceased: August 3, 1992

According to the Carleton College publication, New Students – 1965 (a.k.a., “The Zoo Book”), Edward (“Ed”) Giegler attended Oak Park-River Forest High School, a consolidated school district in the near western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  Both the 1966 and 1967 editions of the Algol showed him as a member of the campus singing group, the Overtones.  In the floor picture for 4th Musser in the 1966 Algol, Ed is easily recognized in that he is wearing his Overtones tuxedo.  In the 1967 Algol, he is pictured as having lived on 2nd Goodhue.  Ed’s photograph also appears In the Seniors section of the 1969 Algol, where he is listed as having been a Math major.

(Compiled by Andrew Korsak)

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