Deborah (Jones) Biss ’72

20 March 2019

Class: 1972

Major: Sociology/Anthropology

Residence: London NBA

Deceased: November 1, 2018


  • 2022-02-08 17:44:11
    Betty "Betty" Johnson

    I remember Debbie as a very friendly and positive person. I was so interested to see in our alumni directories that she was living and working in London and I was saddened to hear of her death.

    Susan Terwilliger and Helen Siu knew Debbie well at Carleton and shared some memories of her.

    Susan knew Debbie quite well while on campus. Debbie and Laurel Wood were freshman year roommates and lived on second Myers, as did Susan and Helen Siu.
    Susan shared this:
    "I do have one vivid memory of a hitchhiking trip Debbie and I took (with two male classmates) over Thanksgiving weekend 1969. Talk about ill-advised! We were crazy. Anyway, we hitchhiked south down to Arkansas (I think), and in the process had our sleeping bags and other stuff stolen by one of our rides. Ended up taking a bus back to Northfield from my home in Wichita. Debbie was a brilliant and beautiful person, and I wish I had kept up with her after graduation."

    Helen said that after graduation, she and Debbie kept in touch for a while. Helen was at Stanford pursuing her doctoral studies, and Debbie was living in the area.
    Helen remembered this:
    "One episode I remember was her driving me in her old VW Beetle. We lost power while driving along a hilly road, and realized that we went out of gas. We had to roll down the hill to reach a gas station. She was always full of laughter, and cheerful in her attitude towards life."

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