Craig Kubitschek ’72

8 July 2013

Class: 1972

Major: Chemistry

Residence: Indianapolis, IN

Deceased: September 2, 2012

Alumni survivors: Ms. Missy D. Kubitschek ’72 W72 (Widow/Widower)

Craig E. Kubistschek died of carcinoid on September 7, 2012. He was born in Chicago on June 4, 1951 to Herbert and Jenny (Groot) Kubitschek. He played violin in the Kubitschek family orchestra and prized classical music all his life. In 1972, Craig graduated cum laude from Carleton College with a major in chemistry; he earned an M.A. from the University of Illinois in 1979. As an environmental chemist in New Mexico, Nebraska, and Indiana, he analyzed samples of food, water, and land for contaminants. He believed that scientific knowledge should be used to protect people and the planet. He loved golfing, canoeing in the Boundary Waters between Minnesota and Canada, and hiking in the Lake District of England. During his last year, partnered with Harley Hoyt, he became a wily enthusiast of the Indianapolis Bridge Center.

Craig is survived by his mother; his wife, Missey Dehn Kubitschek; sister Carolyn Kubitschek and Wendy Culp; sister-in-law Catherine Kubitschek; mother-in-law Maxine Dehn, and brothers-in-law David Lansner, Matthem Dehn, and Michael Dehn; nephews Jesse Lansner (Elizabeth Call) and Noah Lansner (Devon Martin); nieces Lydia Culp and Elizabeth Culp. Craig’s father and he brother Warren preceded him in death. Craig treasured his family and his friends, including three from high school days. Tom Barnard, Jeff Dukes, and Tim Redman. Jeff Hoskins, his best man, helped him to live over decades, and to die when he was compelled to. In his last illness, Craig was warmed by the quilt that Nancy Hoskins made him. He was a good man, and we loved him.

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